Sign the petition for Clean Air, Healthy Streets and More Cycleways across Greater Manchester

Sign our petition to call for: Clean Air Healthy Streets and More Cycleways from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, the Mayoral candidates and our Local Authorities. If you want more action for clean air, liveable local streets and safer cycling then enter your details to pledge your support… People riding with us on Saturday 29th April should also pledge support […]

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Stockport CUG – Town Centre Access Package

Stockport in Greater Manchester

Lots of plans released, public consultation until October 17th

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Mersey Valley Family Ride Sunday 16th June

Join this family friendly ride on Sunday 16th June from Chorlton Water Park to Reddish Vale and back. The ride is organised by Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign with support from Trafford’s Sustrans Rangers and the Friends of the Fallowfield Loop as part of Bike Week 2013. Join a feeder ride from: 10.10am The Bike Barn, Jackson’s […]

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Free bike checks at GM fire stations, March 2012

Cycling to work

As part of a Cycle Commuter Programme, TfGM are offering free bike health checks in March across Greater Manchester.

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The footbridge vanishes

CycleGM route maps show some significant omissions when compared to the CycleCity Guide maps they have replaced.

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More gaps in the maps

The new CycleGM route maps which replaced the old CycleCity Guides map show another omission on Heaton Golf course, where a right of way is missing.

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Sustrans Connect2 – your vote needed !

This UK-wide project aims to improve local travel for everyday journeys in 79 communities and is competing for a grant of £50 million in the Big Lottery Fund’s Living Landmarks: The People’s Millions competition. The winner will be decided by a TV vote in December 2007. Visit and leave them your details so they […]

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What’s fluorescent yellow and very polite ?

give cyclists room

Please Give Cyclists Room signs are cropping up all over the city. But there’s something of a mystery about where the signs come from.

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The Routes of Neglect

More puddles, Transpennine Trail, Heaton Mersey

Manchester councils can be so eager to create new cycling routes – so as to be seen to be Doing Something To Encourage Cycling – that they completely forget the ones they already have. So it is with the Manchester Airport Orbital Cycle Route, which for part of the year turns into bramble-choked obstacle course. […]

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Rule 58 Highway Code

Proposed Highway Code rule 58 may force cyclists to “use cycle routes when practicable and cycle facilities … where they are provided”. This rule will benefit drivers’ insurance companies fighting cyclists’ claim and will be to the detriment of cyclists choosing not to use dangerous or inadequate cycle lanes.

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