Close Pass enforcement in Greater Manchester

Close passes have repeatedly been cited as uncomfortable and all-too familiar encounters that dissuade or prevent people from cycling on our roads. So we’ve raised them with GMP Traffic officers since 2014 and more recently encouraged officers to attend two presentations by West Midlands Police. A new dawn in policing of cyclists' safety? See proceedings […]

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What’s in a video? (KV14NWB)

Sensationalism? Evidence? Or nothing to see here?

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Policing the Police – enforcing safer cycling

Campaigners and victims of cycling road crashes met with Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) across England and Wales in July to hand over the first of a series of CTC Road Justice reports. Road Justice: the role of the police examines how cyclists have been failed by the current system with inadequate police investigation following collisions […]

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Lancashire takes an innovative approach to speed limit enforcement

Child's 20mph sign

To tackle the problem of speeding, Lancashire County Council has taken the unusual step of involving school children in the re-education of law-breaking motorists.

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How Poynton tamed its traffic with ‘shared space’

Fountain Place post-redesign

A discussion of a ‘shared space’ street design in Poynton, Cheshire. Authorised aggression at traffic lights and how Poynton tamed its traffic.

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Cycle lanes: not for cars?

Ever been annoyed about having to move out into the flow of traffic because of cars parked in the cycle lane? If the answer is yes, you are not alone.

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