About GMCC

Campaigning for safe cycling infrastructure throughout Greater Manchester to make cycling convenient and pleasurable, so more people can choose to cycle.

The Campaign meets on the 2nd Monday of each month, from 7.00pm at the Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester, M2 5NS, close to Manchester Town Hall. The meeting is usually followed by a drink in a nearby pub. Come along and get involved or meet us on one of our social rides.

The Campaign wants more people to cycle for transport and leisure. It represents and empowers people who do this.

We have been operating since 1981, under the former name, Sprocket.

We support cycling because:

  • cycling causes no pollution, no noise, and very little congestion
  • bicycles don’t require large areas of land to be concreted over for roads and parking space
  • most short journeys are cheaper and more convenient by bicycle
  • for longer journeys, a bicycle plus a train, or a plane, is often the quickest way to get from door to door
  • cycling is superb aerobic exercise that fits easily into most people’s lifestyle
  • cyclists are significantly less likely to have heart attacks and strokes
  • cycling saves the NHS £ millions by helping to prevent cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes
  • riding a bicycle doesn’t threaten the safety of other road users
  • cycling is the perfect way to enjoy the countryside without harming it
  • people of all ages can ride bicycles
  • more people own bicycles than own cars
  • sensible cycling is safe, and governments and local authorities can work to make it safer at relatively little cost.

Currently less than 5% of journeys in Greater Manchester are made by bicycle because many people who would like to ride a bike, or cycle more frequently, are intimidated by the volume and speed of motorised traffic. GMCC is campaigning to change this.