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Find a cycle route

Cycling to work

Find your cycle route with on line journey planners

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Protestors keep steps off the Trans Pennine Trail

Campaign stunt protest at proposed steps up to Trans Pennine Trail

Cyclists and disability campaigners demand ramp to preserve access to national traffic-free route at Didsbury where a Metrolink station is under construction.

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The Routes of Neglect

More puddles, Transpennine Trail, Heaton Mersey

Manchester councils can be so eager to create new cycling routes – so as to be seen to be Doing Something To Encourage Cycling – that they completely forget the ones they already have. So it is with the Manchester Airport Orbital Cycle Route, which for part of the year turns into bramble-choked obstacle course. […]

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Repairs at last for the TPT in Sale

Years of campaigning by GMCC activist Paul Thomson have finally paid off now that Trafford Council have started vital maintenance work on the neglected Kickety Brook section of the Trans-Pennine Trail. The Sale and Urmston Messanger reported Paul’s successs.   Click here to read the full article.

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