Manchester, first city to get a Brompton Dock hire facilty

Norman Baker cycling in Manchester

GMCC campaigner Vincent Walsh reports on the city’s most compact hire scheme

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Bike ban maintained: future tram adaptations not ruled out

Disappointingly, a bike ban on trams is maintained. Further losses of train lines carrying bikes may be likely but future tram adaptations for cycle carriage are not ruled out. Review campaign milestones 2009-2011 .

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Going up a gear: regional urban cycling 2011

Conference poster: Urban Cycling beyond London, 2011

Is there hope for cycling outside London? Vincent Walsh reports on the ‘Going Up a Gear’: Urban Cycling Beyond London’ Conference, March 2011

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Write to councillors about tram bicycle ban

Urge your GMITA councillors to raise the issue of the ban of cycles on trams by February 12th.

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Cycle Carriage News

Integrated transport publications Bikes on trams campaign (2009) 2009/11 Cycle Carriage News November 2009 (PDF): 2009/10 Cycle Carriage News October 2009 (PDF) 2009/09 Cycle Carriage News September 2009 (PDF) 2009/08 Cycle Carriage New August 2009 (PDF) 2009/07 Cycle Carriage News July 2009 (PDF) 2009/06 Cycle Carriage News June 2009 (PDF) 2009/05 Cycle Carriage News May […]

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Lets get bikes on trams – Again!

Taking your bike on public transport and cycling from where you get off to your final destination beats the car almost every time in terms of door-to-door speed and convenience, no matter how long the journey. This is the reason so many cities around the world have public transport systems that take bikes. But on […]

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Public transport update: Bikes on Trams

Steve Bowater has been contacting new Metrolink Director Philip Purdy, telling him about the past history of Metrolink consultations which in 2002 showed convincing public support for cycle carriage on the Metrolink and resulted in a policy change to accept cycle carriage in principle on new Metrolink lines at off-peak times. And Steve has brought to […]

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Call a Bike (Germany)

Several German cities now feature Call a Bike schemes,cycle hire run by Deutsche Bahn – German Railways. We tried it – it works, in Berlin at least.

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Cycle Carriage on the Metrolink

Cycle carriage on Metrolink 2002 report

View the 2002 GMCC report arguing the case for bicycles to be carried on the Manchester Metrolink tram system.

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