Aims & Objectives

Overall aim

The strategy’s overall aim is to:

Increase cycle use in Greater Manchester by ensuring that cycling is promoted as a cheap, healthy, sustainable transport choice within  local authority strategies, schemes and programmes: and;

Increase cycle use in Greater Manchester for all types of trips including, commuting, local and leisure.

The Objectives for this cycling strategy are:

Objective 1

To develop and ensure the maintenance of a safe, convenient, efficient and accessible cycle network utilising on and off road facilities that will help to encourage greater and more widespread cycle use.

Objective 2

To reduce the actual and perceived dangers faced by cyclists.

Objective 3

To ensure that cycling is promoted as a transport mode that can have a positive effect on a shift away from the private car particularly for short trips

Objective 4

To ensure transport and land-use developments enhance facilities for cyclists and within the Council’s hierarchy of road users policy address possible conflict between cyclists, other vulnerable road users and motorised vehicles.