The footbridge vanishes

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Much publicity has been given to the new CycleGM route maps that replace the old CycleCity Guides map, ( produced by ) which is now out of print.  The new CycleGM ones are free, and can be ordered from or picked up at local tourist offices.

Cycle GM maps are less detailed

But some riders have queried whether they are an adequate replacement for the original CycleCity Guides map. Though they are more up to date and cover a larger area, the new maps contain much less detail. The old map named every road, but the new ones show only a small proportion of street names, so you can’t use them for navigation. You have to have an ordinary A-Z with you as well.

Cycle GM maps: puzzling ommissions

And the new maps have some puzzling omissions. For example, at Gorsey Bank in Cheadle Heath, there is a footbridge over the River Mersey that offers a very convenient crossing point for both walkers and cyclists. The next nearest river crossings are at the Pyramid, a km to the East, and Cheadle/Parrs Wood, two km to the West. But not only does the new map fail to highlight the bridge as a cycle route, it doesn’t even acknowledge the bridge exists!

Old Cycle City Guides Map

Old Cycle City Guides Map shows footbridge over River Mersey at Gorsey Bank Park

GM Cycle Map, Gorsey Bank Park

New CycleGM Map does not show bridge over River Mersey at Gorsey Bank Park

There’s a cycle path running along the river bank at the North end of the bridge, that links up with the Trans Pennine Trail, but the CycleGM map doesn’t show that either. Some riders have suggested that the new maps are based on a geographical data set that is too coarse to show all of the infrastructure that is relevant to cyclists, and that we should be lobbying CycleCity Guides to get them to consider re-issuing the old map on a commercial basis.  Meanwhile, if you have any comments on the CycleGM maps, why not contact us or post them on the GMCC-Talk Yahoo group.

Meanwhile, if you have any comments on the CycleGM maps, why not contact us or post them on the GMCC-Talk Yahoo group or send them to us at

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