Cycle lanes: not for cars?

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Ever been annoyed about having to move out into the flow of traffic because of cars parked in cycle lanes?  

If the answer is yes, you are not alone.

A cycle lane bordered by a solid white line should never be parked in at any time.  It will have been placed on a very busy section of the road where a cyclist risks  danger by moving out suddenly into the flow of heavy traffic.

Trouble is, parking violations in cycling lanes are rarely enforced. How can we persuade motorists not to block cycle lanes?

We can take inspiration from a campaign by the mayor of Vilnius in Lithuania. Mayor Arturas Zuokas, was filmed driving an eight-wheeled camouflaged armoured vehicle as it rolled over a Mercedes car illegally parked in a cycle lane. The campaign warns Lithuanian motorists of a new zero-tolerance policy towards illegal parking .

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