Space for Cycling campaign ride 7pm Tue Oct 6

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Show the Government that you want safe Space for Cycling by joining our campaign ride around the 2015 Conservative Party conference, at 7pm on Tuesday October 6th.

The ride will start at 7.00pm prompt. Assemble by Deansgate station from 6pm, near the big bike sculpture (or under the railway bridges if it’s raining!) We’ll have a mechanic available if your bike needs any minor adjustments before the ride or a helping hand during it. Bring lights, bells, whistles, horns and smiles :)


We’ll do a lap of the conference area then stop outside the Bridgewater Hall to hear from cycling politicians who’ve been invited to address the crowd. Confirmed so far: Dr Sarah Wollaston MP (Chair, Commons Health Committee & Treasurer, All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group)

There’s a facebook event page for you to like and share which includes information on feeder rides from:

Our previous Space for Cycling rides were at the 2014 Labour Party Conference:

A family-friendly ride for the 2014 local elections:        And at the 2013 Conservative Party Conference:
GMCC_S4C_Ride_201405_small GMCC_S4C_Ride_201309_small

We’ve also setup a petition where you can pledge your support for:
• dedicated space for cycling on busy main roads and junctions
• reduction of motor vehicle volumes and speeds on smaller roads

People should sign the petition even if you plan to ride with us too.

We’d especially like people who are thinking about cycling in the future to sign the petition. There are lots of people who would like to start cycling or cycle more regularly, yet many are put off by concerns caused by fast or heavy motor traffic, or by the general discomfort of cycling amongst motor vehicles. Busy roads need dedicated space for cycling to enable more people to choose to cycle for their everyday journeys, and so no-one feels the urge to cycle on a pavement. Building more protected cycle lanes will help pedestrians; and more people cycling will help reduce pollution and congestion – the benefits for existing cyclists are minor when compared with the potential benefits to everyone else, even those who don’t start cycling.

Please pledge your support using the petition, and encourage your friends to sign it too!


If you have a printer and are able to pass on some flyers to anyone you think may attend; school playground or work cycle parking… or attach one to likely looking bikes in your neighbourhood then please do so.

You can download the A4 flyer (cut to A6) below to print out and spread the word! They tuck under a saddle nicely, pop one on their carrier or in the basket if the bike has one. Best results are from handing one of in person so you can explain what it’s all about, maybe even arrange to meet up and cycle in together.



Hope to see you on Tuesday the 6th…

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