Photos from GMCC’s April 2017 Big Ride

Thanks to everyone who rode with us on Saturday 29th April 2017 to campaign for Healthy Streets, Clean Air and More Cycleways from #GMMayor candidates, Greater Manchester Combined Authority and our ten Local Authorities.

We’ve asked Mayoral candidates to commit to our 10-point action plan and have already had some responses. We plan to publish all responses just before Thursday’s election. During the ride we delivered letters asking our Combined and Local Authorities to update us on their plans to achieve these outcomes.

Update: view the responses we received from #GMMayor candidates.

If you haven’t done so already, please take 20-seconds to sign our petition calling for Healthy Streets, Clean Air and More Cycleways.

We set off from Platt Fields Bike Hub – thanks to their volunteers for the support and Dr Bike services!

Then we rode through the park

With lots of side-by-side-by-side cycling

And people of all ages

Then we rode onto the “curry mile” section of Wilmslow Road – now with added cycleways

With safe space for bus passengers too

Although wider cycleways and footways would be nice – perhaps use less space for parking cars next time?

There’s a large Advanced Stop Zone (aka Bike Box) at the end of the curry mile

*NEWSFLASH* cyclists can wait at a red light! Then we continued northbound past Whitworth Park

At this point Wilmslow Road becomes Oxford Road, with the works delivered as part of a different scheme

This scheme has a much higher level of investment, and the levels of motor-traffic are now much lower

The air quality here is so much better than it used to be – you can literally taste the difference!

It’s much easier to be in a good mood with such low levels of motor-traffic and air and noise pollution

Although this scheme isn’t yet complete so some sections of cycleway are currently closed or unfinished

Delivering our letter to Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Then we delivered a letter to Manchester City Council

Thanks to everyone who came from all over Greater Manchester to show their support. We’ve also sent letters to the other GM Local Authorities and we’ll post updates when we receive responses.

While some stayed in the city-centre, others were keen for more cycling

So the convoy set off again…

You can view more photos on the JustStepSideways blog.

Please remember to sign our petition then vote for the first elected #GMMayor on Thursday 4th May.
You can view more info about the GM Mayor election at

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