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Trafford Council are still accepting comments on the proposal for upgraded cycleways on Talbot Road & Stretford Road. Read on for more information or jump to the form below to take action and support the proposal and our suggested improvements.

From the Trafford Council website…

Proposed Stretford Cycleway

Talbot Road and Stretford Road Sections

Trafford Council is consulting on proposals to improve cycling facilities in your area.

The proposed Stretford Cycleway improvement scheme is part of the Greater Manchester wide Cycle City Programme which aims to reshape our region to make cycling safer, more accessible and part of our culture, and to connect Greater Manchester’s 2.7 million residents to key destinations. The scheme will follow the Talbot Road and Stretford Road corridor through south Manchester and north Trafford.

The Talbot Road section of the scheme will extend for approximately 1.2 miles, from A56 Chester Road to A5067 Stretford Road and will aim to provide a greater degree of physical segregation between the cycle lanes and traffic.

The Stretford Road section of the scheme will extend for approximately 0.6 miles, from A5014 Talbot Road to Trafford Council / Manchester City Council’s administrative boundary in the vicinity of Essex Way and will aim to remodel the existing road space in order to provide continuous high quality mandatory cycle lanes or off-carriageway facilities in both directions, physically segregated from traffic where possible.

In summary, the proposals are to:

  • add light-protection features (eg. armadillos or wands) outside the existing cycle lanes on Talbot Road
  • “if possible” re-position and add cycle by-passes to five of Stretford Road’s six bus-stops
  • re-position Stretford Road’s parking bays to create “parking protected” cycleways
  • add light-protection to the remaining sections of cycle lane on Stretford Road
  • widen cycle lanes and upgrade their legal status along Stretford Road

More details are available in the consultation PDFs (approx 2.5MB each): Talbot Road – Stretford Road
The four plans are available in this 0.5MB PDF: Stretford Cycleway Proposed Layouts

Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign supports the elements described above and will seek further improvements:

  • On Talbot Road, particularly at Great Stone Road and Boyer Street
  • To the zebra crossing on Stretford Road at Johnson Street and Cornbrook Street
  • Near White Street, so all six bus-stops on Stretford Road receive cycle by-passes

We will also continue to interact with Trafford Council to ensure the bus-stops are by-passed and that surfaces and interfaces are smooth, and to encourage further enhancements for cycling wherever possible.

Take action now to support these proposals!

A recent technical meeting to discuss these proposals was delayed so Trafford Council will now accept your feedback until Friday, July 15th. To share your views with Trafford Council please use the form below – enter your name and email address then click send. You may edit the default text if you wish – please do if there’s anything you’d like to alter or add.

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