Cycling contributes 3bn to UK economy says LSE

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British Cycling Economy illustration

From ‘The British Cycling Economy’ LSE, 2011 commissioned by Sky, British Cycling

London School of Economics (LSE) report commissioned by Sky and British Cycling has found that:

  1. There has been an 11% increase in the number of British cyclists in 2010 – 1.3 million –  bringing the total cycling population to 13 million. They are contributing £685 million to the economy.
  2. Cycling as a whole contributes almost £3 billion to the UK economy.
  3. Retail sales jumped 28% and 4. Employment in the sector added £500 million
  4.  Healthier cyclists. Take one day less off sick saving £128 million

Download the report from Sky’s corporate website

The Skyride programme aims to convert an additional 1 million to regular cycling adding £141M to the economy.

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