Metrolink proposes second city crossing

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Second Metrolink line across Manchester City Centre between
Deansgate and Victoria via Cross Street proposed.

Metrolink Cross Street interchange

Tram tracks Mosely Street Manchester

Tram tracks Mosely Street Manchester

Transport for Greater Manchester (Tf GM)is proposing a second Metrolink line across Manchester City Centre between Deansgate (GMEX) and Victoria via Cross Street to help prevent City Centre bottlenecks on the tram network.

The proposed route runs along Lower Mosley Street, through St Peters Square and along Princess Street (by the Town Hall) before turning into Cross Street. The artists impression (shown) is from the Second City Crossing Route proposal presented to the GM Integrated Transport Authority committee meeting on 8th March.

It may only be an artist’s impression but shows no provision for cycle routes/paths and GMCC is concerned that the new Metrolink route will close Cross Street/Corporation Street as a cycle route. These streets are currently a well-used low-traffic, two-way route for people cycling across the city centre.

cycle commuter, Cross Street, Manchester

If Manchester wants to increase the number of people cycling then it is vital that there are safe and pleasant cycle routes across the city centre. In transport planning jargon we need to increase the ‘permeability’ of the city.

The  good news is that there will be a 2 week statutory consultation (probably starting in June) and GMCC will certainly be reminding Metrolink that the latest Greater Manchester Local Transport Plan (LTP3) contains a number of Priority Commitments. One of which boldly states that:

“Our proposals set out ways to…remove barriers to cycling”. GMCC urge Metrolink to ensure that the new tramlines do not block access to this key cross-city cycling route.”

If you would like more details on the Second City Crossing contact the Metrolink 2CC Team on 0161 244 1444 (office hours) or email

As published in Pothole June 2011

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