More Stagecoach workers cycle to new depot

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Cycling to work

Cycling to work

Stagecoach has facilitated a sixfold increase in the number of employees using their bikes to reach work by installing cycle lockers at their band new depot at Sharston.

Replacing Princess Road, the 110-year-old former tram depot which closed on 9th. March, the new garage is designed to boost the operator’s environmental credentials by incorporating energy saving features, recycling rainwater for flushing the loos and topping up the washing plant.

The numbers of workers using their bike has shot up from just 6 at Princess Road to 40 at the new premisses – 7.2%.

Some of this fresh enthusiasm for for bikes is no doubt the friendliness of the location which is nearer Wythenshawe and other south Manchester suburbs where many employees live.

It would be interesting to see the impact of the new depot on vehicles travelling empty to and from their depots to start or finish their duties. If this has increased then it compromises any reductions in Stagecoach’s carbon footprint.

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