Trafford update 2011

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Cycle poster St John's Church Trafford

Plaque, St John's Church Old Trafford to celebrate new cycle parking and cycle training for the community

Trafford Cycle Forum needs you

Trafford cycle forum and technical forum continue to be well represented by GMCC active members  and members others such as Eco House resident Andrew L feed into GMCC Talk discussions on local issues.

Can you attend the forum 2-4 times per year?

Can we take your views to the forum? Why not email them to ‘honsec at’

Trafford want to cut forums to 2 instead of 4 a year whilst most of us who attend as ordinary cyclists believe this would be counter productive. What do you think?

Can you propose a forum Chair?  Our current one is retiring. A councillor, doctor or senior NHS health manager, engineer or prominent community members would be suitable.

Can you get to neighbourhood forums?

We need cyclists to spare 10-15 minutes at the forum once every 2 months. If you are interested please contact ‘honsec at’

Trafford loses Paul Beckett,  dedicated cycling officer

Paul Beckett, Trafford’s hard working cycling officer is going as a result of  the latest round of cuts. The forum has thanked Paul for his hard work:

” as Cycle Officer over the past few years…..he has achieved a step-change in the level of importance placed on cycling by the Council, and delivered a number of important schemes to promote cycling in Trafford……He will be very much missed as Cycling Officer.”

Please contact on cycle matters. Paul’s role is to be amalgamated into another post.  Watch this web site to find out who is appointed.

Business as usual

The technical forum is busy discussing the proposed layout for Trafford Bar and Safer Routes to Schools. Steve Bowater has been especially busy with the Firswood (Safer Route to School). Both Pete A and Jonathan F have been busy pushing for changes at Trafford Bar.

Jonathan has also been busy setting up a 20s plenty for Trafford see //


The next great event in Trafford is Bicycle Village at Jackson’s Boat 22 May 2011, it is hoped that many of you will attend and support this. //

Recent achievements

On a route along Dane Road  has had signs posted saying ’please give cyclists room” as well as road layouts to avoid pinch points.

Work on the Bridgewater Way canal route continues with new sections opening. The path is narrow in parts and we need more campaigners to promote responsible sharing with pedestrians . The 2 tings campaign in London // is a great campaign that encourages cyclists on tow paths to ring their bell to give other towpath users notice, and to moderate their speed.

One of the Bike Friday rides starts from Trafford – Join Andrew E, Joe C and Richard A at the start on the last Friday of May at 8:00 am at the Chester Road bus stop.

Active Trafford members
Pete A
Richard A ‘honsec at’
Dave B
Steve B
Jonathan F ‘honsec at’
and Chris T

Please let us know if you can help in any way to make cycling better in Trafford

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