GMCC launches adult cycle training pilot

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GMCC is now offering a pilot of adult cycle training, with sessions to be delivered on a one-to-one basis, or occasionally in groups of no more than three – by nationally accredited Bikeability instructors.

“The perceived risk from the traffic on today’s roads puts a lot of people off cycling on them ……… it might feel less safe today but it isn’t.You’re actually safer now than you would have been in those halcyon days of 1950 when there were far fewer drivers ……………….. dense traffic tends to be slower traffic, and heavily-used urban roads can be quite safe for cycling so long as you ride sensibly and assertively.Assertiveness is key.You don’t have to get out of the way for the traffic: you are the traffic ………………….. If you hide in the gutter and ride submissively, you’re less safe than if you’re out there in the traffic stream, integrating with other road users.”

(The CTC Guide to Family Cycling, Chapter 6)

The above quotes are all about the new national cycle training scheme – Bikeability ( – cycling proficiency for the 21st Century.

Whether you’re an experienced commuter just needing to brush-up on your riding techniques or would like to increase your confidence cycling with traffic, or anywhere in between, GMCC’s training is right for you.We will tailor our sessions to suit your needs.

All we ask in return is that you make a small contribution (£10) equal to a year’s membership of GMCC and give us some feedback post training, which we would like to use to promote the benefits of adult cycle training.You will also gain the benefits of GMCC membership for a year.

To get started, all you need to do is complete our simple application form, e-mail it to training[at] and we will be in touch.

gmcc-cycle-training-application-form (Word 55kb)
Download post-session feedback form

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