Principles of cycle planning

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by John Franklin, Cycling Skills & Safety Consultant

John gave a presentation a the Cycling Futures seminar, Manchester, 29th May 2009 on the principles of cycle planning and what makes a cycle friendly town or city. He started out by considering:

What is a bicycle?

The bicycle’s a simple machine, that we all know. But familiarity doesn’t always mean we know much about something as we might. So with cycle planning. We may all think we know what’s needed to ride a bike, but if cycling is to be not only possible, but practical, pleasant and popular, then there are many things to be considered that may not be intuitive.

His presentation also covers:

  • Surface quality
  • Observation and visibility
  • Personal space
  • Risk and vulnerability
  • Cyclists and pedestrians
  • Cycle networks
  • Cycle training
  • Road network
  • Hierarchy of provision
  • Cycle facilitiews

Download Principles of cycle planning (PDF)

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