I Bike Mcr Festival #3 – 27th March to 24th April

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I Bike Mcr Festival #3

The Third I Bike MCR month long annual grassroots bike festival will take place from Friday 27th March to Friday 24th April 2009.

The I bike MCR Festival takes place every year from the last Friday in March to the last Friday in April. It is a grassroots festival that is organised by MCR cyclists. It is a voluntarily run (they don’t get paid or funded) celebration of the bicycle. They organise events they’d like to take part in and hope others will want to join them.

I Bike MCR is a group of cyclists that basically love to ride. They don’t do it for a job, nor do they get any funding other than bits to pay for equipment etc. for their events. They organise for themselves, for each other and by organising stuff they want to do they hope that others who like what they see will join them and organise with them stuff that they like to do too.

They want people to join with them in their passion. They want to meet others that share their passion.

Whatever you do you should ride. Ride to school, to work, ride to places you never dreamt you could ride to. Ride in high heels or in lycra, ride a fixie with deep v’s or a sit up and beg. Come and ride with us. But whatever you do, please, ride.

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