TIF bid consultation ends Friday, 10th October

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Manchester congestion

The deadline for responses to the public consultation (but not the referendum) on the TIF (Transport Innovation Fund) bid, for the introduction of congestion charging after substantial investment in public transport enhancements, closes on Friday, 10th October. Make sure you respond to have your say, on something which seems to have stirred passions on both sides of the debate within Greater Manchester!

GMCC supports the proposals, as measures to tackle the volume of traffic go hand in hand with encouraging cycling. One of biggest barriers to people starting cycling is a fear of or dislike for traffic.

However, we feel an opportunity is being the missed in the proposals, by the lack of a radical vision and action plan for promoting cycling.

So, if you agree with our stance, please use the first page of the response form to ask the authorities to dedicate more of the revenue from congestion charging to schemes with promote cycling.

You can read the official GMCC position on TIF here (pdf), including some of the things we’d like to see any revenues from congestion charging spent on.

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