New GMCC structure

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GMCC has a new structure, to improve communication with members and the wider public, and to make sure that each campaign and issue we’re working on has someone monitoring it and pushing it forward. So as well as the existing elected roles, we’ve introduced faciliators, each one focussing on a specific area of campaigning.

Olly Glover Honorary Secretary: Olly Glover
honsec at
Olly’s role is to co-ordinate and lead the different strands of the campaign. His top priorities for his year in office are: to improve the structures and processes of the Campaign; to boost its profile and membership; and to make sure the Campaign has a set of objectives, both long and short-term, to give our campaigning work direction.
Ted Treasurer & Membership Secretary: Ted Lawson
treasurer at
Ted has performed these two mundane, but essential, roles for the Campaign for many years aided by a small team of helpers: Paul, Mark and Steve. Thanks to them all. Ted also works on the GMCC website.
Public transport facilitators: Steve Bowater and Chris Trueblood
publictransport at
Steve and Chris will facilitate campaigns which focus on the relationship between cycling and modes of public transport. Current campaigning work includes pressing for a commitment on cycle carriage on Metrolink, cycle parking at railway stations and carriage of bicycles on trains.

At the heart of this campaigning workstream is the principle that integrating cycling with public transport can greatly increase the accessibility of public transport, reducing people’s dependence on the car, greatly increasing light/heavy rail catchment areas and reducing social exclusion.

Ernie Cycle training and awareness facilitator: Ernie Buck
awareness at
Ernie joins us in this new role with the objectives of improving road users’ awareness of cyclists. This will include promoting awareness training with bus and taxi drivers. On the other side of things, he will be campaigning for more cycle training, both of children and adults, using his extensive knowledge and experience of cycle training, which he delivers via the Manchester-based BikeRight! organisation.
Dick Venes
Planning and infrastructure facilitators: Richard Alderson and Dick Venes
planning at
Richard and Dick are long-standing members of the Campaign. In this new role, they will ensure that cyclists’ views are taken into account in development of cycling and road schemes in the various metropolitan boroughs.

They will be campaigning for greater representation and consultation of GMCC across Greater Manchester, as the voice of the cyclist. They are assisted by members in other boroughs, notably Steve Bowater in Trafford; Rod Whitworth in Oldham and Tameside; and Ted Lawson in Stockport.

Funding facilitator: Doug Briggs
funding at
Doug’s role will involve looking for funding sources and securing money for if/when we want to run a large campaign, or a similar activity which will involve a larger than usual sum of money. His work could include facilitating fundraising campaigns, or drafting papers applying for funding from eg. voluntary sector grants.

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