Useless Cycle Parking in Trafford

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Bike fits lengthways but handlebars stick out beyond door

GMCC are highlighting the inadequate cycle parking provision that exists in Trafford, and pointing out the urgent need for proper guidelines to specify the type of cycle parking provision required for Long-Stay (Lockers) and Short-stay (Sheffield stands) at new developments.

The 2002 Greater Manchester Cycle Parking Guidelines, which Trafford MBC would have helped produce, included a section on the type of cycle parking. However, Trafford have failed to consult or adopt these measures.

This report: Useless cycle parking Trafford (2008), shows examples of shoddy and useless cycle parking provision that currently exists in Trafford. GMCC are asking Trafford MBC honour their promise made in 1999 to update their Cycle Parking Guidelines.

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