M.E.N. in denial

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M.E.N. 21st March 2007

A couple of weeks back, the M.E.N. carried the large and rather inaccurate front page headline: Congestion charging You say NO.

Inaccurate because on the same page was the sideline: But 59 per cent back move – if it brings cash for Metrolink.

Since bringing cash for Metrolink is exactly what’s on offer, that sounds like a clear YES for congestion charging.

Seems like the M.E.N. is somewhat in denial over the results of its own poll. But then its journalists have always been obsessively opposed to any attempt at discouraging car use, and anyone supporting things like road pricing has a hard time getting column inches in this paper (though not the GMCC).

If the London experience is anything to go by, the introduction of congestion charging will be the best thing ever for Manchester cycling.

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