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Apathy at Trafford Council

Ever since Trafford MBC came under new management in 2004, residents there have noticed a distinct reluctance to do anything very much to promote cycling in the borough. The local Seamons Cycling Club and GMCC activists have been bringing this sorry state of affairs to the attention of the local press. Click here for the […]

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Love Your Bike

Manchester Friends of the Earth’s Love Your Bike campaign kicked off today with a 7am mass commute from Withington Library. Then a photoshoot at the the Mancunian Way roundabout. Lots of riders turned up. The campaign will run for the next few months. Look out for posters like this one on billboards and backs of […]

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The Routes of Neglect

More puddles, Transpennine Trail, Heaton Mersey

Manchester councils can be so eager to create new cycling routes – so as to be seen to be Doing Something To Encourage Cycling – that they completely forget the ones they already have. So it is with the Manchester Airport Orbital Cycle Route, which for part of the year turns into bramble-choked obstacle course. […]

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Rule 58 Highway Code

Proposed Highway Code rule 58 may force cyclists to “use cycle routes when practicable and cycle facilities … where they are provided”. This rule will benefit drivers’ insurance companies fighting cyclists’ claim and will be to the detriment of cyclists choosing not to use dangerous or inadequate cycle lanes.

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