January 2006 newsletter

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  • £10,000 Community Network cycling project report emerges from council black hole
  • Manchester gets its first (designated) Cycling Officer – or does it ?
  • The Rhyl Crash – A tragedy that affects us all
  • Hospital Chief buys £2m Italian Car Park
  • The real reason the Deputy PM prefers Jags to Bikes?
  • Tax Free Bikes
  • How powerful are pedals in improving public health?
  • Doctors Become Wanderers
  • Women Cyclists of the World Unite
  • Bike Week boycott is over……get ready for 2006
  • Oy, Get on your (hire) bike………………………
  • Moving Cycling into the Mainstream
  • You are not blocking traffic, you are the traffic
  • Muddle over Mixing Modes……….Give us some simple Sheffield Stands
  • Cyclists asked to brighten up, drivers to slow down
  • This season’s photocaption competition

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