Traffic calming – GMCC’s stand vindicated

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The Observer (6/11/05, PAGE 13) contained an article entitled ‘Mind games force drivers to slow down’. A four year study by the Transport Research Laboratory found that many optical tricks were successful in slowing speeds. Focus groups showed psychological measures such as painting the road different colours, taking out white lines or planting things in the way of sight lines were much more popular than physical obstacles like humps and cushions. GMCC activists spent much time a couple of years ago formally objecting to road hump based traffic calming schemes in Manchester. Eventually the highway engineers got the message and now try to use horizontal deflection measures as much as possible, although they have some way to go to eliminate vertical obstacles entirely. Cushions are still a feature of some schemes. Down south, some local authorities have even been removing full width road humps, thus making conditions much more conducive, particularly for older cyclists and parents taking their children to school etc by bike.

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