The Cyclescape Issue Map

What is it? is an online forum for mapping issues to do with cycling infrastructure, and discussing those issues. People enter concerns or information about roads or areas they use and others can comment on them. It's great for getting thoughts on new scheme proposals – and is increasingly being used for this purpose by campaign groups and their members.

The Issue Map rounds up all issues tagged with phrases relevant to public consultations – so you can quickly find schemes you might want to comment on or are concerned about in your area. Or add schemes you want others' thoughts on.

Using the Issue Map

Click on the type of scheme you want to see – one out for public consultation or not, or one for general discussion – and on whether you want to see old schemes or just current ones, and which boroughs or organisations you want to see schemes from. Clicking on the scheme itself will bring up a box with links to the consultation page, Cyclescape discussion page and general description (taken from Cyclescape) as well as any deadline associated with the scheme etc. Discussions are in the Threads listed on the right of each Cyclescape issue page.

Adding New Issues

To add a new issue, create it in Cyclescape. Sign up/in to Cyclescape, create a new issue, mark it on the map and provide a description, then give it appropriate "tags". Tagging an issue consultation means it will appear under the consultations heading – and you should complete the deadline and external link fields in the description. Schemes should also be tagged a scheme with TfGM and/or the relevant local authority (e.g. Bolton). Schemes can also use these tags:

The map is embeddable on other sites, and usable for any area in the UK, with user-defined menu items and configuration. See here or contact George Coulouris, the Issue Map creator, for more details.

Here is the Cyclescape Guide for new users.